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DermaFocus is committed to providing a range of innovative and diverse solutions to treat innumerous indications through advanced skincare and non-invasive therapies.

We can provide homecare options, peels, serums and injectable preparations, as well as consumables, rigorously tested and backed up with scientific case studies. Alongside this, we are also able to offer the exceptional MI Medical Innovation Eliance mesotherapy injector, and the Quantificare 3D LifeViz® system, the latter of which enables more effective communication with patients through the sharing of 3D images.

Not only this, but we can also provide any product training you or your team may require, and ongoing support through our in-house consultants to make sure that your purchases are as effective in the growth of your business as possible.

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  • PLENHYAGE Strong

  • PLENHYAGE Medium


  • nunii® Laboratoire uniq-white® SYSTEM

  • nunii® Laboratoire COMBINATION PEEL

  • LifeViz® Mini

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June 3, 2021


Carboxytherapy is a transcutaneous administration of CO2 by injection using medical gas for therapeutic purposes. The treatment is safe for the patient, as Carbon Dioxide…
March 12, 2021

Quantificare Webinar

HOW TO VISUALISE AND QUANTIFY TISSUE DISPLACEMENT IN RADIOFREQUENCY TREATMENTS A 3D Analysis using the LifeViz® Mini We are delighted to announce that in partnership with Quantificare,…
November 30, 2020

Lockdown Ageing

Unfortunately a second lockdown has meant more hours spent indoors, and more hours in front of our laptops as well as a higher use of…
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