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Plenhyage XL has an anti-free radical action, acting as a scavenger of OH hydroxyl radicals which tend to accumulate as a result of stress, cell damage, and UV rays.

This can help to boost fibroblasts production, favoring the restoration of tissue elasticity.

Clinical researches show how polynucleotides can trigger the production of myofibroblast too

Doctors and practitioners can use skin booster and Plenhyage XL in the same course of treatments to reduce fine lines and at the same time increase fibroblasts production.

Skin boosters generally are made from hyaluronic acid, which is great for giving your skin a hydration boost.

They also can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Plenhyage XL stimulates fibroblast and collagen production, and wound-healing properties unlike skin boosters.

As a result, they don’t provide the same anti-aging and regenerating effects as polynucleotides injections.

Practitioners recommend Plenhyage XL as the first treatment to prepare the skin for further treatments and procedures, however Plenhyage can be used as treatment on it’s own.