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Polynucleotides molecules are able to stimulate the metabolic activity of cells in your skin to regenerate collagen and the rate of growth of fibroblasts. They do this by activating, revitalising and rejuvenating tired, aged and damaged cells.

Another important aspect useful in regenerative medicine could be related to Polynucleotides’s ability to increase the proliferation of human preadipocytes; indeed since, adipose tissue is a relevant source of adult stem cells, Polynucleotides may be used for therapeutic and regenerative purposes.

And the Polynucleotides activating A2A receptor is known to be associated with tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory effects, ideal for people with rosacea.

Additionally, Exposure of human dermal fibroblasts to ultraviolet B radiation causes accumulation of dangerous photoproducts and triggers polynucleotides enhancing DNA repair, but Polynucleotides may also protect cells from such UV-induced DNA damage, and reduce the need for internal repair.

Plenhyage XL Medium and Plenhyage XL strong are polynucleotides based products.