Bioformula has always been focused on solving any kind of problem for doctors, in order for them to improve their performance and gain more patient loyalty.

In fact, our objective is to provide doctors with the safest and most effective tools for identifying the right solution for every skin imperfection.

Bioformula positions itself on the world market of aesthetic medicine as the Italian partner of excellence because of its know-how, considerable effectiveness, safety, and heavily research-oriented approach.


Evanthia line is a cross-linked HA with BDDE with high malleability ideal for reshaping and redefining

  • EVANTHIA 25 Superior

  • EVANTHIA 20 Medium

  • EVANTHIA 15 Basic


Auralya line is a cross-linked HA with DVS with high consistency ideal for lift and volumization

  • AURALYA 3 Deep

  • AURALYA 2 Medium

Plenhyage XL

Bioformula had developed PLENHYAGE XL, a polynucleotide-based solution available in two dosages – Medium and Strong – with a 20 and 25 mg/ml concentration of polynucleotides. The latest studies have shown that polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) has an antioxidant activity that can supress oxidative stress in the skin; it also reduces the expression of enzymes that stimulate melanin production in melanocytes, increases mitochondrial density, inhibits elastase activity in vitro and gene expression of matrix metalloproteinases 1 (MMP-1) in fibroblasts

  • PLENHYAGE Strong

  • PLENHYAGE Medium


The Jalucomplex line is a line of 3 different concentrations of linear hyaluronic acid of very high molecular weight (3.2 kDa – average value). The high molecular weight translates into a greater length of the HA chain giving Jalucomplex slower degradation times compared to other hyaluronic acids in the market

  • JALUCOMPLEX 1 – Light

  • JALUCOMPLEX 2 – Medium

  • JALUCOMPLEX 3 – Strong