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Can face masks damage your skin?

Let’s talk about face masks, something we know very well since the first lockdown.

While a face mask is essential for our safety and for reducing the spread of Covid 19, many people have started to notice some side effects on their skin such as pigmentation, irritation and acne named ‘maskne’ by dermatologists.

Maskne: how can I recognise it?

When wearing a mask for longer periods of time, or very regularly, some small pimples and skin imperfections can occur due to abnormal sebum production mixed with the warm temperature and humidity under the mask…this is a bacteria and acne wonderland!

Wearing a face mask can also create irritation as a form of post inflammatory pigmentation where the mask rubs against the skin and it causes mechanical exfoliation.

As you would expect, the most affected areas are the chin, under the chin, lips, nose and cheeks.


Always use a new mask or wash the reusable ones every day. Because they carry lots of bacteria and get dirty very easily from make-up, sweat, etc.

AG Latte

Cleanse twice a day with a gentle cleanser to keep the skin fresh and clean. AG Latte by Cosmetici Magistrali is rich in wheat germ and sweet almond oil and is suitable for any skin type; read more

Apply a serum with centella extract to calm down the inflammation and help the skin to heal. JALURONIUS CS serum by Cosmetici Magistrali with pure HA and centella asiatica stem cells is perfect for use night and day; read more

Using a nutritious but not greasy cream can help to repair the skin avoiding post inflammatory pigmentation.

Nunii Unique White Revitactiv Energizing Moisturizer nourishes and strengthens the natural skin cell protective layer. Made with peptides, antioxidants and oligoelements, it has been designed to strengthen the skin’s natural defences which is especially important when wearing a mask often; read more

If you want to treat your skin, create an extemporary face mask by soaking a compressed face mask with Kamilla by Cosmetici Magistrali to give relief and hydration after a long day wearing a mask…your skin will thank you for it! This amazing product is distilled water of chamomile and lime and is perfect for the most sensitive skin as it has iso- tear pH.; read more

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