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3D in pre-Op consultation

3D reconstruction assumes an increasing role in evaluating face, body & breast in 3D. Incorporating 3D images into a consultation ensures that the physician can visualize the patient’s body from multiple angles and at different zoom levels. Consultations enter a new era of 3D with standardized before-after images.

Apply a global standard of beauty to your patients. Assess facial angles, measurements and ratios for the height and width and check how close their face relates to the Golden Ratio. Quickly obtain 360° measurements for body shaping and breast measurements for augmentation mammoplasty in order to assess the shape of a patient before any procedure and establish an open dialogue.

Reassure your patients and facilitate more comprehensive and harmonious outcomes thanks to a live simulation. Quantify expected volume change in advance for facial rejuvenation, body contouring & breast surgery.

With a single click, evaluate your patient’s skin health for the following criteria:

Wrinkles – Pores – Oiliness – Evenness – Red spots / Brown spots – Red map / Brown map

3D in post-Op consultation

The LifeViz® Infinity supports all stages of the consultation process from the first visit to follow-ups. Bring objective assessment and transparency when evaluating patient’s facial harmony, body slimming or breast augmentation. Export high quality images to showcase your results using various comparison options.

Impactful 3D comparisons are one of the most relevant ways to bring loyalty and open communication with your patients. Easily track results and visualize and quantify volume changes with a color map to illustrate your expertise and provides objective assessments.

Gauge shape differences using the Silhouette feature. Overlay 3D pre and post operation images to easily portray before and after results.

Slide between before and after images which will reassure patients by allowing them to easily view changes. Check your artistry and share your work with your peers.

The fusion feature highlights differences that may be hard to see with the naked eye. Reassure patients by running the focus over select concentrated areas.