Intensive Post Treatment Kit

The benefits

Post treatment kit ideal for post intensive aesthetic procedures


KAMILLA is a cleansing lotion for face and eyes with iso-tear pH without added fragrances to meet the needs of most sensitive skins with calming, soothing, refreshing and relaxing actions


PURE PERFECTION moisturizing lift ampoules with instant hydralifting complex 40% based on pure hyaluronic acid and collagen enables the skin to hydrate, restore and lift; the combination of ingredients gives back elasticity and resilience to the skin’s structure


NUTRIAGE DAY SPF 30 is a daily anti-aging cream with SPF formulated with exclusive Melatosphere® technology: Melatonin encapsulated in “Oleospheres”, precious dermo-affine vegetable oils obtained from Avocado, Opuntia, and Rosehip Seed. It provides powerful protection thanks to its intensive antioxidant activity and skin barrier rebalancing power. The sunblock filters (SPF 30) offer protection from solar radiation, avoiding potential risks from overexposure, such as age spots and wrinkles.

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KAMILLA – contains Chamomile and Lime distilled water suitable for the most sensitive skin

PURE PERFECTION MOISTURIZING LIFTING AMPOULES – Instant Hydralifting Complex 40% of pure hyaluronic acid and collagen

Nutriage SPF 30 Day Cream – Melatosphere® (Melatonin encapsulated in “Oleospheres”, precious skin-like plant oils – Avocado, Opuntia and Rosehip seeds). Jojoba esters, Red spruce lignans and DNA Extract.

Ideal for post treatment of intensive dermo-aesthetic treatments (e.g. laser, peeling). Excellent base for make-up.

1- Clean with KAMILLIA in mornings and evenings

2- Apply PURE PERFECTION moisturizing ampoules in the mornings and evenings

3- Apply NUTRIAGE day cream during day time

1 x Kamilla – Bottle 400 ml

1 x Pure Perfection Ampoules – 7 ampoules 2 ml

1 x Nutriage SPF 30 – Airless bottle 50 ml