The benefits

Moisturizing rebalancing cream

Jaluronius Cream is a moisturizing rebalancing cream with a light and ultra-sensorial texture, based on Hyaluronic Acid, Opuntia Oil, Red Algae and Lactobacillus, helps restore the natural reserve of skin hydration and contributes to rebalancing the skin barrier. The skin will feel smooth, luminous and revitalized immediately.

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Hyaluronic Acid 1%, Opuntia Oil, Red Algae and Lactobacillus

Moisturizing ultra sensory cream. Revitalizes dehydrated skin and contributes to cutaneous rebalancing, quickly restoring the right level of skin hydration and giving radiance. Suitable for all skin types.

Apply in the morning and evening with a delicate massage on perfectly cleansed skin. Ideal as a base for make-up.

Jar 50 ml