LifeViz® Body

A portable 3D Imaging System for Body & Breast

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The LifeViz® Body is the first portable 3D imaging system capable of capturing 360° body and breast in order to simulate body contouring procedures, breast augmentation and photo-document before/after interventions.

The LifeViz® Body is a compact system composed of a 3D camera mounted on a tripod with a turntable allowing quick capture of a 360° 3D body image. In hand-held mode, the system can generate 3D images of breast without blocking an entire exam room with cumbersome equipment.

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3D in pre-Op consultation

3D images display a full illustration of body and skin shapes. A 360° visualization is a must for all body areas which should be considered as a whole and not as disjointed parts.

Obtain baseline measurements with one-click to better manage patient expectations. Whether using a minimally invasive or non-invasive procedure, the assessment performed will facilitate the patient’s understanding of the outcomes.

Breast augmentation can be a hard decision to make for a patient. With one click, assess your patients breast shape and provide guidance.

Use body shaping devices more effectively by quantifying even subtle volume changes efficiently. Visualize an accurate 3D representation to help patients see their future potential after augmentation mammoplasty. Use real-time simulations to align patient expectations with their body shape.

The patient can better visualize and understand which implant size will be the most suitable and consequently make a more informed decision.

3D in post-Op consultation

The LifeViz® Body is the ultimate tool for any aesthetic physician giving the best return on investment for energy-based devices.

Evaluate your patient’s breast & body with accurate & precise 3D analysis. Get breast symmetry, torso circumference and many other measurements such as perimeter, length, depth, surface, distance and width.

The LifeViz® Body provides a new way to assess the body. In aesthetics, volume is what matters: regardless of the procedure performed, there will be volume and shape changes.

The system quantifies volume changes for either invasive or non-invasive body contouring treatments and allows image comparisons from visit to visit. Quickly calculate the volume difference of a treated area allowing objective doctor-patient communication.

Assess the body shape evolution with the Silhouette feature. The tool enables visualization of an overlay of before and after images to confirm treatment efficacy resulting in greater patient satisfaction.

Easily show results by sliding between before to after images to show differences in a very clear and animated way. Illustrate your artistry with your peers or patients.

Overlap before and after images for specific regions to compare certain concentrated areas. Whether showing the position of an abdominoplasty scar or a tattoo removal, the fusion mode will be able to help.