Purasomes SGC100+ Skin Glow Complex

Resetting melanin production for a brighter, more even complexion

Target: dull, damaged and hyperpigmented skin

Purasomes SGC100+ Skin Glow Complex is a perfect solution for patients suffering from poor skin tone. Whether their skin needs brightening or they’re aiming to reduce hyperpigmentation, this product helps create a more harmonised and even complexion. 

Clinically proven to significantly reduce melanophilin production, Purasomes SGC100+ Skin Glow Complex decreases the formation of pigmentation, revitalises skin for radiance and vitality, reduces free radicals and creates a long-lasting protective barrier against sun radiation. 

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  • Reduce the appearance of scars and skin lesions
  • Minimise pores
  • Decrease age spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 
  • Improve overall skin tone
  • Rebuild a flawless skin complexion 
  • Revitalise skin for radiance and vitality
  • Enhance skin’s brightness and luminosity

Purasomes SGC100+ Skin Glow Complex is delivered to the dermis via microneedling. A series of three to five treatments every four weeks. Patients are advised to avoid the sun and apply sunscreen regularly during the healing process.

As well as being a standalone treatment, Purasomes work as excellent skin primers for energy-based treatments, while also aiding skin recovery if used afterwards. They can also be used alongside polynucleotides to fully optimise results.

Purasomes SGC100+ Skin Glow Complex utilises AMPLEX Plus technology alongside specialised components designed to treat dull, damaged and hyperpigmented skin.

  • 200mg of 20 growth factors 
  • 20 billion exosomes 
  • 50mg of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (1100-1400kDA)
  • 55mg of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (80-100kDA)
  • Plant-derived seed stem cells
  • Antioxidants 
  • Peptides

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