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Introducing Purasomes

 Integrating nature with technology

Combining 20 billion exosomes in their purest form, along with 20 of the most potent growth factors, Purasomes can reset cellular activity, regenerating aged and damaged cells to significantly boost the quality of skin and hair.

Manufactured by the innovative Italian research and development company Dermoaroma, each of the three products within the Purasomes range contains AMPLEX Plus – a patented technology that has been created using exosomes and growth factors from ethically sourced bovine colostrum.

AMPLEX Plus technology

Driven by the ambition to discover safe, sustainable and natural skin and hair care solutions, the Dermoaroma research team worked with top European scientists to create its ground-breaking product AMPLEX Plus. 

The revolutionary formula contains 20 billion exosomes and 20 growth factors, ethically harvested from bovine colostrum. The colostrum, which contains 250+ bioactive elements, goes through a stringent purification process in which only the most valuable components are obtained. 

These are then collated into 5ml vials, along with other key active ingredients, ready to be delivered to the skin and scalp through a series of microneedling treatments.

An effective dehydrating process allows AMPLEX Plus to be stored at room temperature, without comprising its integrity. 

AMPLEX Plus has demonstrated thorough safety and effectiveness through extensive research and clinical trials. 

The Purasomes range

There are three products within the Purasomes portfolio, each with a unique formula comprising 20 billion exosomes and 20 growth factors, alongside other relevant ingredients to treat specific indications. 

Purasomes NC150+ Skin Nutri Complex for tired and aged skin

With a powerful regenerative mechanism, Purasomes NC150+ triggers fibroblast production to stimulate collagen and dramatically improve skin’s structure, strength and elasticity. 

Discover Purasomes NC150+
  • Purasomes NC150+ Skin Nutri Complex

Purasomes SGC100+ Skin Glow Complex for dull, damaged and hyperpigmented skin

By promoting cell turnover, accelerating blood vessel formation, facilitating skin healing and decreasing inflammation, Purasomes SGC100+ revitalises skin to rebuild a flawless and luminous complexion.

Discover Purasomes SGC100+
  • Purasomes SGC100+ Skin Glow Complex

Purasomes HSC50+ Hair & Scalp Complex for thin and damaged hair

The impressive hair-rescue formula used in Purasomes HSC50+ resets the strength of the dermal papilla to reactive normal hair growth function, leading to less hair loss, enhanced scalp health and an improvement in hair quality. 

Discover Purasomes HSC50+
  • Purasomes HSC50+ Hair & Scalp Complex

Purasomes treatment delivery and results

Purasomes can effectively penetrate the skin through in-clinic microneedling as a standalone treatment or in combination with other aesthetic procedures. 

After a series of three to five Purasomes treatment sessions, patients can expect to see significant improvement of their skin and hair concerns, with results expected to last 9 to 12 months. Continued treatment every 6 months is recommended to maintain enhancement.

Purasomes work as excellent skin primers for energy-based treatments, while also aiding skin recovery if used afterwards. They can also be used alongside polynucleotides to fully optimise results.


What are growth factors?

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins responsible for stimulating cell proliferation, inflammation modulation, angiogenesis and cellular bioactivity. They regulate the growth, maturation, function and repair of bone, muscle, connective tissue, nervous system and skin. 

Growth factors can repair and regenerate aged and damaged skin, promoting collagen and elastin production to reduce lines and wrinkles, while improving the tone and texture of skin. 

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are nanovesicles that carry important cell properties to one another. These include growth factors, nucleic acids, cytokines and lipids. By facilitating this intracellular communication, exosomes can stimulate repair and regeneration of aged and damaged cells, leading to significant improvements in skin and hair quality. 

They can stimulate collagen synthesis, encourage angiogenesis, decrease melanin production, promote tissue regeneration, reinforce skin integrity and cohesion, and have an anti-inflammatory effect on skin. 

What is bovine colostrum?

Bovine colostrum is the milk produced by cows in the first days after giving birth. Rich in antibodies, growth factors, proteins, vitamins and minerals, it has long been used by humans for health benefits that include boosting immunity and improving gastrointestinal health.

The biologically active elements present in bovine colostrum include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, cytokines, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, IGs, growth factors and exosomes. 

Why do we use growth factors and exosomes harvested from bovine colostrum?

Abundant in 250+ biologically active elements, bovine colostrum has significant and well researched health benefits. It has the richest source of growth factors and a high content of antibodies, antioxidants, cytokines, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase, which all contribute to effective skin and hair regeneration. 

Bovine colostrum is the optimal substitute for human colostrum, while also containing less lactose and more proteins.

How do we ensure the bovine colostrum used in AMPLEX Plus is ethically sourced?

The bovine colostrum used in AMPLEX Plus comes from cattle bred in an Organic Certified family-run farm in Italy. The cattle are grass fed and the colostrum is harvested one to five hours after parturition to ensure it is of the best quality. 

Before harvesting, significant steps are taken to ensure that no calves are deprived of colostrum that is needed to support their growth and development. 

How is AMPLEX Plus is created?

The Dermoaroma team spent nine years working with leading European scientists to develop a skin and hair care treatment that is safe, sustainable and natural. 

The resulting AMPLEX Plus technology utilises bovine colostrum, harvested from grass-fed cattle on an Italian Organic Certified family farm within the first one to five hours after parturition. The process used ensures that calves are never deprived of colostrum, which is key for their growth and development. 

It is then delivered and processed in specially equipped transport to the Dermoaroma production site within 24 to 48 hours. 

When it arrives, the bovine colostrum is purified so only the most potent biologically active elements are utilised. Using a centrifuge, exosomes and growth factors are isolated, allowing impurities such as fat, dead cells and debris to be discarded. 

The exosomes and growth factors then go through a reliable dehydrating process, which allows them to be stored at room temperature without comprising their integrity. The end product is a 5ml vial containing 200mg of 20 billion exosomes and 20 of the most potent growth factors ready for use. 

How safe is AMPLEX Plus?

Thanks to its swift harvesting process and meticulous purification system, AMPLEX Plus has been found to be completely safe and non-toxic. 

It contains no artificial components, does not have a risk of transmitting infections and no ethical concerns with its use have been identified. 

As a lyophilised product, AMPLEX Plus can be easily transported and stored.

Are Purasomes suitable for everyone?

Each of the products within the Purasomes can be used on all skin types. We do not recommend using Purasomes on patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

As the colostrum used in the AMPLEX Plus technology is obtained from cattle, Purasomes may be unsuitable for some Vegan patients. 

AMPLEX Plus is Halal and Kosher certified. 

About Dermaroma

Dermoaroma is the manufacturer of Purasomes. Based in Italy, this innovative company designs solutions to rearchitect the structure and restore the function of ageing and problematic skin. Achieved by advancing cell therapies to maximum efficacy and complete safety, Dermoaroma has 14 registered patents in regenerative aesthetics, regenerative medicine and wound management relating to its AMPLEX Plus technology.

About DermaFocus

DermaFocus is the UK distributor of Purasomes. Specialising in distributing evidence-based regenerative aesthetic products, the company is dedicated to empowering aesthetic practitioners to embrace regenerative treatments that enhance natural beauty, and seamlessly integrate into their clinic offering. DermaFocus believes in the power of science, research and cutting-edge technology to truly enrich the lives of both patients and professionals.