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Plenhyage XL promotes :

  • Fibroblast Production
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Heals sun-damaged skin, photoaging and scars
  • Anti Inflammatory effect
  • Hydration
  • Cell Turnover

In 2015, Bioformula Italy in collaboration with the renowned IRA Istituto Ricerche Applicate, its parent lab, developed and launched Plenhyage XL.

Plenhyage XL contains high molecular weight polynucleotide chains, whose biochemical characteristics make it highly viscoelastic, and capable of binding and orienting in space a considerable quantity of water molecules, PDRN gel in high concentration.

It is CE marked, sterile, disposable, and belongs to a new concept in Regenerative Medicine.

The purity of the product and the high concentration of PDRN (20mg) meant it achieved great success in the Italian market initially, and then worldwide.

Thanks to the remarkable recorded results, and numerous positive responses by doctors, Bioformula decided to produce Plenhyage XL Strong – the latest, highest strength version available.

At 50mg, Plenhyage XL Strong has one of the highest concentrations of Polynucleotides currently available on the market, which makes it equally suitable for hair and body treatments.

Discernible results may be expected 3 weeks after the first injection; recommended treatment course: 3 sessions; 1 every 21 days.