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We can all agree that great skin makes the outcome of any treatment look better. Excellent tone and
texture can take years off how a patient looks, making them more confident to go make-up free and proud to show off their results.

But how do you get skin in optimal condition? While tailored skincare routines that feature SPF, retinoids
and antioxidants will always be recommended, they do rely on patient commitment for daily at-home
application which some people struggle with. Offering an in-clinic PLINEST® treatment that is clinically proven to effectively prime skin ahead of dermal fillers, laser, radiofrequency, chemical peels, microneedling and surgery is your solution.

What is PLINEST® and how does it work?

PLINEST® is an injectable polynucleotides product made up of highly-purified polynucleotides (PN-HPT®) extracted in a harm-free way from trout DNA. A polynucleotide is a sequence of nucleotides, as in DNA or RNA, bound into a chain.  
When injected intradermally, PN-HPT® promotes a trophic and stimulating action on existing fibroblasts
and has been found to increase collagen synthesis, as well as the viability and number of fibroblasts.
Research also indicates that PLINEST® can improve skin’s hydration and scavenging ability, leading to
overall skin enhancement. Patients are advised to have three to four PLINEST® treatments spaced two to three weeks apart for best results.

How does PLINEST® prime skin?

By regenerating fibroblasts, PLINEST® is able to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
hyperpigmentation and skin laxity, acne scarring and rosacea. Research has found that PLINEST® acts as ‘background preparation for the tissues’, allowing treatments that follow to have faster and stronger responses. The expert consensus report into its use says that administering PLINEST® before hyaluronic acid dermal fillers ‘develops a synergic effect by associating the strong effect on turgescence improvement due to hyaluronic acid with the useful action on hydration and, even more distinctively, the powerful dermal stimulating effect exerted by PN‐HPT®’.

When it comes to energy devices, chemical peeling and microneedling, the experts advise that PLINEST® produces greater results if started before the second treatment – even if only performed a week before. PLINEST® has also been proven to enhance results and keep skin looking good for longer when used after other treatments.

The PLINEST® products:

The main PLINEST® product is designed for normal and advanced skin ageing on the face, neck and
décolletage, and comes in 2ml syringes with 20mg per ml. PLINEST® Eyes is also made up of 2ml syringes but contains 7.5mg per ml, making it better suited to the delicate skin in the periorbital area.
PLINEST® Hair is also an excellent primer. While it can be used as a standalone treatment to improve thin
and damaged hair, it can also be used ahead of and after hair transplants to boost surgical results.

Start your PLINEST® journey with us:

Great skin is always in, which is why a polynucleotide-based skin primer is an excellent addition to your

To learn more about the award-winning PLINEST® range, book your training or get in touch with us today.